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月子膳汤Confinement Soup
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月子膳汤Confinement Soup

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红曲馆附属【养正中医医疗诊所】已历时3代中医,有丰富的临床经验及调理身子的处方。 红曲馆早在2006年已经开发出月子膳汤及膳食。主要是供应自家医馆。 迄今,红曲馆已经准备了超过80,000膳汤的记录。 2019年开始对外供应药膳产品,包括月子膳汤、八珍膳汤及冬虫草鸡精。

Red Yeast Restaurant is part of Nourish-Tech Chinese Medicine Center. Now managed by 3rd generation of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Since 2006, Red Yeast has been developing postnatal confinement soup and meals, mainly for use in its TCM center Today, Red Yeast documented more than 80,000 records on dietary soup. In 2019, we start supply Confinement Soup, Bazhen and Cordyceps Essence of Chicken.

产品特征 | Product Features:

高效 : 5倍浓缩中药、无添加物、无糖、无防腐剂、无类固醇、低盐低油处理的浓缩鸡汤;保证健康美味、中药结合了鸡精、能达到高效吸收。 

Effective Goodness: 5 x concentrated TCM extract, No artificial additives, NO sugar, No preservatives, No steroid Low sodium and low in fat, combined with the concentrated essence of chicken to ensure wholesome goodness and effective absorption.


Convenient: No cooking and flavouring needed, no storing of chicken meat, herbs and seasoning required No worries about the efficiency of recipes. Just thaw, reheat and serve. 


Fast serving: Heat for 2 minutes and serve in 10 minutes. It saves preparation time, reduces work and human errors


Great taste: Fresh chicken meat is stewed for 3 hours based on Red Yeast's recipes and methods to produce soups of delicious flavours and mouthfeel. 

免费运送 (巴生谷)FREE Delivery (Klang Valley) 

*目前供应至:巴生谷、槟城 、霹雳州、柔佛新山 有些偏僻区域我方无法送达,请在下订单前与我方联系 012 777 3660 

*We only supply to Klang Valley, Penang, Perak and Johor Bahru

Some rural areas, we are unable to reach, kindly contact us 012 777 3660 before placing order