Delivery And Refund Policy 运输及退款政策

Estimated Delivery Time 估计运输时间 

  • 月子膳汤 (每星期六 巴生谷)Confinement Soup (every Saturday for Klang Valley)
  • 其他产品 (2 - 6工作天 西马半岛) other products (2- 6working days for Peninsular Malaysia)
  • 其他产品 (大约14 工作天 东马) other products ( about 14 working days for East Malaysia)


Because of the remote areas, transportation costs will be higher. If this happens, we will contact consumers and give advice and reminders of the final transportation costs.

换货政策  Replacement Policy

若发现任何产品或单一产品在收货中有包装破损, 客方需联系客服专线 012 777 3660 或电邮至 sales@rysoup.com我方会尽快安排换货(3 - 14工作天完成)

If any or individual product under circumstances of damage on packaging upon receiving, customer need to inform Customer Service at 012 777 3600 or email to, we will arrange for product replacement as soon as possible (3 - 14 working days)

退款政策 Refund Policy

消费者(产妇)可能收会到超过一套月子膳汤(无论是自用 / 收礼)我方以「先到先得」的方式处理,允许第二订购者退款,但只限于「还没运送」的月子膳汤 



2)客户服务 会通知第二套订购者,然后订购者需填一张退款条、订单号码、电话及签名,再回覆给客户服务



5) 倘若购买者(无论是不是第二购买者)自己亲自运输, 此退款政策不含盖这种情况,因为我方无法得知及无消费者的资料

Consumer may receive more than 1 set of Confinement Soup (either self-consume or receive as gift), we will practise first come first serve rule, allowing refund for second order whoever only limited to yet to deliver order

Refund step by step

1) notification from system indicate consumer may receive mote then I set, will inform second buyer, refund and cancel the order.

2) Customer Service ( will notice second buyer, buyer need to revert the refund slip enclose with invoice number, telephone number and sign.

3) refund will be processed in 3- 14 days

4) refund policy ONLY for circumstance when consumer may receive more than 2 set of Confinement Soup, other products NOT entitle for refund policy, but under Replacement Policy if products packaging are damaged upon receiving.   

5) if buyer wanted to delivery himself / her-self, refund policy will NOT cover under such circumstances, as we do not have any information about the consumer, hence we could not notice the same consumer may receive more than 1 set.